Rubbish Rangers School Workshop

Rubbish Rangers is an interactive, hands on program designed by Trash Gather. Rubbish Rangers is designed to educate students about waste and the impact it has on the environment. Starting with the life cycle of everyday materials, students will take a deep dive into four of the most common categories of waste; plastics, glass, paper and organic waste. Students will discover where the materials originate and the journey they take on the Way to their final destination.

Next, the program brings it back home where they will reflect on their own waste. Students will participate in a clean up before the session to discover just how much, and what kinds of rubbish is in their world plus learn about the hidden impact on their local environment and beyond.

Interactive Workshop (1.5 hours)

This option is designed for groups of up to 80 students years 2- 6. Students will participate in an interactive presentation about the life cycles of everyday materials and learn about sustainable initiatives from the wider community. Next, students will break into groups to brainstorm how they can make a sustainable change in their school or community. Sessions will finish with students helping sort the rubbish collected in the two weeks prior to the visit into different categories.

Trash Walk and Talk

This option is available for older students in high school or college. In this session we start by introducing Trash Gather and share our purpose and values. Next, the Trash Gather volunteers will lead a clean up in/around the school grounds. Dubbed “Trash Talk and Walk”, this is an opportunity for students to ask questions about volunteering, community participation or the environment. Our aim is to inspire students to feel empowered to create change in their community.


Due to Covid restrictions sessions are capped at 80 students so as to align with the ACT Government guidelines. We are happy to run up to 2 sessions within a school to assist with large cohorts of students.

If you are interested in our program please fill out an Expression of Interest.

If you have any question please email the team at


We have created a magazine available for download to guide and inspire Rubbish Rangers of the future.